Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Intros; Or how I stopped messing around and started removing mould lines.

Well, I think I have a hard act to follow in previous post but here we go.

Starting out this new year I feel like I definitely need a little focus. I have been in this hobby for a few years and looking back I haven't really produced much for the time (and money) spent. Well this is about to change.

I started out a few years ago at Salute when the stall I was running was opposite the Priveteer Press stand. I fell in love with the look of Warmachine and Hordes figures and with no idea about the game I picked up the Skorne starter set, a box of blood runners, a unit of Cryx mindslavers and drudges and a Skarlock thrall. Getting home all excited I put the battle box together quickly (and with none of the clean up that I would later learn is so important to make your models look good or the pinning that I would learn is important to stop them falling apart) slapped some paint on them and was very happy.

What a fool I was.

About this time I ended up falling in love with a beautiful Scotsman and moving up to the cold north to live with him. Both of us shared the hobby and this inspired me to paint more (and buy more). He had a collection of Skorne which he gave me and I slowly added more. I painted these quickly, wanting to have a force I could use to play as soon as possible (without knowing the rules, or the better half having a playable force, or knowing anybody else that played) which meant I ended up with lots of painted models but nothing painted to any good standard. After a few months of being badgered I finally realized I needed to up my game so after a few problems in the year I settled down to taking my time on each figure I do. So those 23pts you see painted are 23pts that I have painted recently to the standard that I am more than happy to be seen publicly, thats what you see here.

Well, I dropped my Cryx which wasn't much as you can see (I gave the Cephalyx to the man and the other stuff is up for sale to fund the rest of the hobby).

So I was down a faction and I needed something with robots. By that I meant a warmachine faction, what dropped into my lap, gifted by the man, was an entire army of Robots.

Thats right, I got Convergence of Cyriss.

The real unusual thing was this he agreed to clean up and build the entire army if I bought him a Xbox One. I picked up enough resin bases to base the amount he gave me and ended up just leaving them be.Well, he bought the Xbox ONE just before Christmas and on Christmas day I received enough reinforcements (and matching bases) to set me well on the way to have, once built and painted, multiple 50 point lists.

He also has painted a solo for me which is absolutely beautiful even though he says its not finished!

So my plans for the coming year are these:

  1. Repaint my already painted miniatures.
    I have all this Skorne half painted and I want it to look the best it can so I aim to get as much of it painted up as I can. The best way I can do this is set a good goal so...
  2. Paint and Play to confidence (at least) two 50 point Skorne lists.I have many rough ideas for list and need to set myself at least two so as to be able to play in steamrollers. 
  3. Play more games.Having a boyfriend who plays and a big'ol gaming table all set up in the house really helps this but we both know that we need to play against other people to learn what the local meta is like. I'm gonna try to get out and about and play games.
  4. Improve my painting.I know I'm not that amazing and I know I can get better and no better way to improve than to just DO. Practice makes perfect and all that.
Well that is about it, nothing much more I can say.

The happiest of new years to you all and I would love to see some comments and critique on the work I've done so far.

Wish me luck.

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