Wednesday, 7 January 2015

As happy as a pig in....

Wash obviously...  ;)

Halves.  Things I don't do things by...

I managed to basecoat most, if not all of the Bonegrinders and Slaughterhousers so I figured it was about the right time to hit them with a wash and get them glued into the bases, which were already started and almost done.  Then I figured I might as well just wash the Warhog, Roadhog and Rorsh & Brine sitting there too, on the very, very off-chance that I actually finished the Grinders and Razorboar I pledged for January.  Pledge 5pts, paint 39.  Sounds great on paper, maybe a bit less realistic in theory.

In other news, I also picked up my first loss of the year, errrr.... got my first game in.  Carver ultimately falling to an Engine of Destructioned Makeda2, on two boxes...  after leaving himself open dispatching a Cyclops Savage and Quagmiring a Gladiator in the process to make it easy pickings for the Warhog.   It was a small 14pt game, just fully painted forces see, and I am thinking I really need to get at least one Razorboar painted up, just for that Mobility enabled 16" run to block charge lanes and attack avenues. 

Before the game, we did come up with a couple of Warmahordes specific house rules, which will be vigorously enforced.

1.  The player with the most fully painted (painted/based/varnished) army gains a +1 bonus to the roll for table edge/starting.  This is cumulative with any Tier bonus.  Obviously this doesn't come into effect if both players have fully painted armies.  Basically a small bonus to encourage fully painted gaming.

2.  All spells/feats/animi in play must be marked and on the table.  If there is any dispute as to whether a spell was cast/feat popped if there is no marker on the table, then it follows tat the spell/feat is not in effect.  This could have more serious connotations, but is designed for clarity during play.

In Elf related news, I am currently trying to nail down a 50pt list to get started with, and work out a colour scheme.  I've run the whole gamut from yellow to grey to green, but ultimately think I'm going to end up doing a variation of blue...  Likewise with the bases, I was planning bon going for a bleached look for them, but, after doing a quick tester, I think I might end up with grey slate, as it ties in more with my Farrow.

I'll give it a bit more thought and post up the prospective retribution list once I have it set, and keep pluggging away at colour theory.

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