Saturday, 31 January 2015

A Month at a Glance - January

Well, that went in quick, and completely opposite to form, I have actually been updating this...

So, painting wise I managed to knock out 2 Razor Boars, a maximum unit of Bone Grinders, and at the last minute, Rorsh & Brine, so a rather healthy 16 points.  The good news is I can now play with a fully painted 25pt list.  It might not be optimal, but, at least it looks not bad.

This is muh boomstick.  And dynamite.  And big-ass Pig.
Gaming wise - played about 10 games, all against Brushchewer, more wins than losses.  I've also just bought my ticket to NorthCon2015, so, I have a clear date on the calendar for having to be fully painted and au fait with all the rules.  Oh boy...

Off to Vapnartak in York in a couple of hours with Falkirk District Wargames Club, so, might be able to pick up some reinforcements whilst I'm there.

Plans for February are probably the addition of some Razorback Crews and Maximus.  If I get through that, I'll keep on keeping on with the Slaughterhousers and the Road Hog, before turning my thoughts to a second 'Lock.

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